Robot manipulators

Clansman Dynamics (Scotland) – produces manipulators with different load capacity for castings handling and bushes breaking. All equipment is dedicated for work in hard foundry conditions.

Approach for equipment design is very easy…robust and solid construction! More attention is paid to reduction of failure probability caused by loading.    


By present day, Clansman Dynamics has got a serious reference-list, including well-known and respected producers. The Company gained perfect reputation due to its effective decisions.   


Foundry equipment


Clansman units enable to execute work in a rather tough industrial conditions.  Models С410, С620,С1210, С2010, С4010, С5010, С10100, С15100 have load capacity from 90 to 5500 kg. Manipulators have a long-term service life that means failure-free operation during 12 years, with 24-hours operation regime.  


Pneumatic hammers / air guns

Clansman Dynamics produces air guns of different power for snagging. Models СС25, СС40, СС50, СС100, СС1000 have different power.  




The Clansman Powerbreaker is an immensely strong tool to reduce casting gatings to a manageable length. Powerbreakers have a breaking capacity of up to 120 diameter sections of all grades of ductile iron.  



Foundry Wedges

Special design of the wedge ensures reliability of the unit.

Rod Pistons and cylinder bodies are made from a single piece of steel.

There are 2 pumps to maximize speed and minimize oil heating.

There is a large bearing which permits the operator to present the wedge at any angle with minimum effort