As part of the measures for preventing casting defects, additives are a tried-and-true solution. A small addition, for instance, can remedy several common defects (e.g. surface-based defects).

Our engineers – working alongside our customers – are discovering specialty additives that can reduce the use of expensive sands and, in some instances, replace coatings entirely. Within cold box production, in particular, this revelation could reduce costs substantially and enhance productivity. Dimensional accuracy compliance is equally relevant where additives may substitute coatings in thin-walled castings.

Ultimately, coating-free production offers reduced material costs alongside the elimination of peripheral coating equipment, resulting in major savings.


Major additive composition types

Organic additives

- Low addition rates

- Good flowability

- Renewable raw material


Inorganic additives

- No gas and odor emissions

- Excellent strength

- Good bench life

- Casting without coating possible


Hybrid additives

- Low gas and odor emissions

- Low addition rates

- Casting without coating possible

-Ideal for steel applications

Organic and 100 % renewable additives
• Organic
• Steel/GI/DI/CGI
Environmentally friendly additives
• Inorganic
• Steel/GI/DI/CGI
High-performance hybrid additives
• Hybrid
• Steel/GI/DI/CGI/Copper alloys


Organic and 100% renewable additives


Our organic and renewable VEINO line is a high-performance additive with an extremely low addition rate. This reduced additive consumption level is the lowest in our portfolio and thus leads to cost savings. Performance remains unaffected and the flowability rate of VEINO, which leads to good core compaction, is exceptional. All things considered, VEINO offers quality, performance and minimal investment – an excellent choice for most applications.



- Prevents veining

- Improved casting surface

- Excellent dissolution

- Not soluble in water

- 100 % renewable raw material


Creating space with organic components

During casting, the metal heat burns out the starch particles within VEINO. This creates space for silica sand to fill during expansion. This unique compaction method ultimately helps to reduce veining defects. This also reduces cleaning room costs (i.e. fettling costs) due to higher quality castings with excellent surface finish characteristics.



Environmentally friendly additives


This unique inorganic additive family is the coating-free version our portfolio. A significant cost saver, given the correct circumstances you may eliminate coating use within your process entirely. Additionally, the use of special minerals counteracts sand expansion, thereby allowing for greater compaction.



- Prevents veining and penetration

- Improved casting surface finish

- Saves cleaning room (i.e. fettling) costs

- Low resin demand

- Environmentally friendly (no emissions)


The science behind coating-free additives

ISOSEAL additives make the bpld claim that they eliminate the need for a coating – this would naturally lead to significant cost savings. ASK Chemicals engineers and researchers have accomplished this feature by formulating ISOSEAL to act as a buffer during the quartz expansion in the pouring process. This creates a barrier layer between the sand grains as a coating itself.



High-performance hybrid additives


When developing the VEINO ULTRA additives line our objective was to combine the advantages of both inorganic and organic technology into one environmentally friendly high-performance hybrid additive. The result has proved successful: gas emissions have been reduced, greater surface finish and casting defects have been eliminated. In addition, the possibility of uncoated casting production is now realistic thanks to VEINO ULTRA additives, as is the partial/full substitution of expensive specialty sands.



- Prevents veining and penetration defects

-  Improves surface finish

-  Lower gas emissions than organic varieties

-  Minimal effect on tensile strength

-  Potential for coating-free application


Our recommendation: VEINO ULTRA 4618

VEINO ULTRA 4618 is the performer in our VEINO ULTRA family. Ultimately, its full potential can be seen best in cold box and PEP SET applications. Most notably, this hybrid additive is extremely effective in preventing casting defects, as well as providing anti-veining effects. VEINO ULTRA 4618 is primarily used in uncoated casting. Here, it has demonstrated positive results in the series production of brake disks and differential housings.