Release Agents

ASK Chemicals’ highly engineered release agents come in a variety of formulations to accommodate various applications.

• ZIP SLIP are release agents for all gas-curing, cold-curing and hot-curing core and mold making processes as well as green sand applications.

• BENTOGLISS solvent-free release agents are highly recommended for bentorite-bonded molds from the pattern.

• ECOPART are eco-friendly and efficient release agents for all gas-curing, cold-curing as well as hot-curing core and mold making processes.


Metal Cleaners

ZIP CLEAN metal cleaners are highly efficient and thus reduce time and money.

• Metal cleaners free of NMP available

• Low odor



ASK Chemicals’ adhesive solutions – suitable for automatic metering devices – encourage high production profitability, reducing your handling and cycle time. ASK Chemicals’ adhesives are suitable for air-drying, oven-drying and microwave drying. adhesive

• Water-based

• Hot melt glues

• 2 component glues

• Quick glue


Core Putty Fillers

With ASK Chemicals’ ASKOPASTE core putty fillers you can reduce your scrapped cores by simply repairing them.

• Ideal for the repair and reworking of minor core defects and damaged contours

• Optimized packaging for efficient transport and application


Cope Seals

ASK Chemicals’ ASKOROPE cope seals are ideal for when you need to prevent leakage from the mold through the mold joint, particularly in the in-gate area.


Core Box Vents

ISOVENTS shorten gassing times, minimize cleaning and extend the service life of the vents, thereby increasing foundry productivity.

• Available in multiple sizes