NOVANOL™ binders for resol-CO2 process

files/files/images/ASK/ask_resol_resin.jpgNOVANOL™ is a water-based, alkaline phenolic binder with excellent heat resistance that has been specially developed for steel applications, although this binder is equally suited to iron and non-ferrous applications.

NOVANOL™ is recommended for all types of castings. Since they are water-based binding systems, this binder is a good solution for foundries that are seeking to improve their environmental performance.

Novanol™ is a key technology for cores production with binder usage based on phenol resin condensed in alkaline condition, hardened due to CO2 blow down.



- Perfect for steel casting

- Easy stripping

- Good rates of final strength
- Perfect casting results even without covering
- Almost full lack of solvents, very low level of emissions while cores production and storage
- Does not require scrubber.
- Easy shake out of the mixture after pouring
- Good thermal stability

NOVANOL™ binders series

Name Application Rate, % Spesial characteristics
NOVANOL 165 N Steel, iron castings 1.5-1.8 Good reactive capacity, reduced consumption of CO2, high momentary and final strength, easy mix shakeout after the pouring, possibility to use with chromite sands.
NOVANOL 180 Steel, iron castings 1.5-1.8 High structural characteristics, good stability to aqueous coatings. Perfectly suits for automatic moulding.
NOVANOL 250 Non-ferrous castings 1.5-1.8 High momentary strength, good mix shakeout after the pouring.