Control and monitoring your induction heating unit


Heater Processor
Determine the optimum heater setting values for your billet programs, and store the values to be reproduced at any time. Based on the industry controller AC 800M, already proven in other industrial sectors, the PRODAPT®-FX heater processor monitors and controls the heating process in the EBS (pusher-type conveying) and EBH (walking beam conveying) inductive
forging billet heaters. The user-friendly MT-315 operator panel fits perfectly in the forge environment. The controller itself has no vulnerable hard disk or active ventilation system and is insensitive to vibrations, performing operation and visualization via an intuitive touch screen and function keys. The modern real-time operating system enables high-speed communication
via TCP / IP. Older installations which operate with PRODAPT-F can be modernized using
PRODAPT-FX without any problems.


The Advantages of the PRODAPT-FX heater processor:

- Control of the energy supply and feed set points for the holding operation
- Cold start-up and cycle operation, depending on the billet program and coil assembly
- Highly reproducible product quality

- Storage of the coil and material data (billet programs) during operation
- Recording and symbolic representation of current operational data and status
- Alarm value monitoring and signaling



Thermal Profile Calculator
In conventional plants with only one converter, the heating profile is fixed by the number of coil turns and by the length of the plant, preventing adaptation to changing heating requirements. The division of a heater into several zones fed by separate converters allows the arrangement of the heat output to be changed, enabling the heating profile to match your requirements.
The THERMPROF© Thermal Profile Calculator optimizes your heating profiles, calculating the expected temperature profile for each heater zone and transmitting it to the controller. This results in optimal temperature distribution in the workpiece, regardless of throughput, dimensions or materials.


The THERMPROF© Thermal Profile Calculator easily maintains a constant heating temperature during production even when the highest throughput range is between 20% and 100% of maximum nominal throughput. This allows you to heat large diameter ranges and materials in the same plant for the highest quality and optimal efficiency.


The Advantages of the THERMPROF
Thermal Profile Calculator:
- Greater degree of freedom in process optimization in regards to energy consumption, scaling and adhesion of billets
- Various possibilities for optimixation:
      - Reduction in scaling
      - Energy consumption
      - Axial temperature uniformity
      - Reduction in the adhesion of billets

- Number of different coils can be reduced
- Small number of stand-by coils required

- No set-up times for conversion to other coils