DISA high-performance molding lines

     DISA Company is a world leader in the sphere of foundry casting equipment, foundry sand preparation systems, mold core production equipment. 


     DISA supplies international industrial companies, foundry and metal-processing productions with leading technologic decisions:


     - Flaskless vertical production machines DISAMATIC


     - Flaskless horizontal production machines DISA MATCH


     - Horizontal impulse flask molding machines with recompacting DISA FLEX


     - Horizontal jolt squeeze technology with recompacting DISA ARPA

     - Vortex mixers DISA SAM and DISA TM


     - Cooling drums DISACOOL


     - Core-making machines DISA CORE


     Vertical production technology was first introduced in 1964, then it was developed by DISA Industries A/S.  DISA vertical molding machines as a part of DISA complex foundry systems allow production of high quality castings with higher profitability than traditional molding equipment.


     DISA molding lines have unusual working stability they are compact and easy to operate. Majority of safety measures and protection devices protect operator on each working phase.


     DISA machines are characterized by high productivity, compactness and simplicity of operation.  Vertical production essentially changes working conditions and traditional profile of molder profession. Hard manual work and noise are fully liquidated.


     DISA molding lines don’t need flasks, it itself gives economy. DISA vertical molding is quicker, effective and economical way of molds production with almost final (with minor allowance for mechanical operation) dimensions.


     Presently more than 1500 DISA molding lines work in different countries of the world, supplying markets with molds of the best quality. Economic efficiency and high technical indexes of foundries equipped with DISA vertical production molding lines made them mostly competitive and profitable enterprises in the world.

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