Equipment for No-Bake Process

     Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd, Great Britain, projects and manufactures wide range of main and axillary foundry equipment for No Bake technology and offers ready to operate decisions for existing productions modernization and creation of new foundry productions:


     - pivotal, jib articulated, 3 arm, mobile mixers

     - molding systems “Fast-loop” and Carousel;

     - automated molding lines;

     - compaction tables;

     - semi-automatic core machines;

     - mechanical and thermic reclamation systems;

     - secondary attrition units;

     - electrical and hydraulic manipulators;

     - mold coating units;

     - rollovers and striping tables;

     - automatic lines of casting and cooling;

     - dust extraction units;

     - sand heating and drying units;

     - infrared driers and gas furnaces for cores and mold drying;

     - solid additions feed units.