Filter Families


Top-quality filters for steel and iron casting, non-ferrous metals and high temperature alloys and / or large and heavy castings.



Cost-effective filters for removing impurities in ferrous and non-ferrous metals.



Filter housing systems with UDICELL filters offering optimum filtration efficiency for heavy steel and iron castings

Filter material selection

Metal type Zirconia Alumina Silicon
Steel (StL)    
Iron (GI, DI)  
Aluminum (Al)    
Brass /Bronze /Copper
Superalloys (Ni, Co)    

Pore size selection

Metal type 10ppi 15ppi 20ppi 30ppi 45ppi
Steel (StL)      
Ductile iron (DI)      
Gray iron (GI)    
Aluminum (Al)  
Brass /Bronze /Copper


Zirconia Filters


UDICELL filters are fully sintered reticulated ceramic filters made of partially stabilized zirconia (PSZ). These filters are especially suited to use in steel and iron foundries. UDICELL filters provide optimum consistency and performance under maximum stress. UDICELL filters are a cost-effective means of reducing castings defects. These filters are manufactured to a size of currently Ø 300 mm.

Advantages: PSZM (pure white)

• Highest chemical purity

• Open pore structure

• For extreme temperatures and pressure loads

Advantages: PSZT (buff)

• High thermal efficiency

• Open pore structure

• For high demands

Zirconia for extreme stresses

UDICELL foam ceramic filters provide superior thermo-shock resilience as well as resistance to chemical and mechanical stress during pouring. In fact, UDICELL zirconia filters are capable of withstanding temperatures greater than 1,700 °C (3,092 °F). This capability achieves optimum filtration of metals in the most extreme conditions.

UDICELL Carbon Bonded Filters

The ideal filter for temperature-critical applications

ASK Chemicals carbon bonded filters are used for ferrous alloys where a filter with a low heat absorption capacity (heat loss from the melt) is required. The carbon bonded filters provide minimum loss of heat with filtration effectiveness. The low percentage of carbon minimizes any possible carbon pick-up. UDICELL carbon bonded filters can be engineered in a variety of shapes, with a maximum dimension of Ø 300 mm (approx 12").


• Ideal for temperature-critical applications

• Efficient filtration

• Available in round & square design


Stop waiting: don’t give heat loss a chance!

Blocking filters due to heat loss from the melt difficulties are worse than annoying. Too much energy is removed from the molten metal, with the metal remaining, as it were, stuck in the filter. With UDICELL carbon bonded filters, their material composition and open pore structure means that you bypass this problem. The result is fast, even flow, alongside more predictable moldfilling times.


Pressed or Extruded Filters EXACTFLO

Pressed and extruded filters for improved quality


EXACTFLO pressed or extruded filters are ideally suited for both gray and ductile iron, as well as non-ferrous metals. EXACTFLO filters have a highly repeatable cell structure to ensure a constant molten metal flow. They exhibit both chemical inertness and mechanical strength while providing a thermal robustness with alloys up to 1,450 ˚C (2,650 ˚F), or up to 1,700 °C (3,092 °F) in the special version designed for steel (pressed version).


• Engineered to ensure consistency

• Non-abrasive mould insertion

• Reduces trapped gas

• Available with round and square pores


Benefits of pressed or extruded filters from ASK Chemicals

EXACTFLO pressed and extruded filters offer the user dimensional accuracy and controlled metal flow along with excellent strength properties & thermal resistance.


Silicon Carbide Filters EXACTFLO

Silicon carbide filters for increased cleanliness

EXACTFLO SiC filters are ideally suited to both gray and ductile iron, as well as non-ferrous metals. EXACTFLO SiC filters are characterized by their highly porous, open structure. This structure results in the efficient removal of oxide inclusions. EXACTFLO SiC filters exhibit chemical inertness and mechanical strength while providing thermal robustness up to 1,500°C (2,732°F).


• Reduction in non-ferrous inclusions

• Decrease in turbulence

• Improvement in casting machinability


Reduction of turbulence in the pouring system

EXACTFLO silicon carbide filters provide little turbulence during metal pouring. This has several advantages including the assurance of less gas absorption (i.e. oxidation). This results in lower rejection rates, less reworking, improved surfaces and increased cost effectiveness.


Exactfill Housing System for tubular filters UDICELL

Filtration system for large steel and iron castings


The Exactfill housing system can be easily integrated in an existing pouring system comprising chamotte and fire-resistant pipes. Assembly of multiple housings, even at various levels, permits the pouring of very large castings. The Exactfill housing has two outlets so that either the top or bottom can be closed off or both outlets can be used. This feature eliminates the need for left or right hand versions. These housings can also be installed horizontally.


• Self supporting geometry

• Very compact in size and construction

• Quick installation and easy to use with minimum involvement in the circulation


Redefinition of filtration coverage

The UDICELL Exactfill housing system features an XL cylindrical UDICELL zirconia filter – the first of its kind. One of these filters will replace three standard filters, while at the same time minimizing the chance of any filter damage. Compared to similar units that use multiple filters, this XL cylindrical version offers easy assembly with extreme system safety, which improves not only filtration effectiveness but also assembly time, ultimately reducing cost.


Exactfill Housing System UDICELL

Filter Systems for large steel and iron castings


The UDICELL Exactfill standard ceramic housings are a cost-effective and efficient way to produce large ferrous castings. With the increased size capabilities of reticulated ceramic filter manufacturing, ASK Chamicals also leads the way in successful filtration in the large casting segment. Where standard pouring systems are used, the Exactfill housing system can be easily integrated in the gating system.


• 5 different styles to support a variety of uses

• Cost-effective

• Rapidly installed & easy to use