Heat-Insulation Materials For Glass Industry

     UKREST is a dynamic company, specializing in the manufacture of custom-made and standard protection, sealing and insulation products. It is the world leader in the production of non-asbestos millboards. 


files/files/images/PBI/glass.jpg      During the production process, glass is stressed and its skin is subjected to considerable thermal shock. There is a risk of disturbance during contact with pusher hands, transfer wheels and stacker bars.

     Why not try an optimization already adopted by the large majority of glass manufacturers?

     UKREST's state of the art glass contact product range ismade for the most part of 316 stainless steel extra thin yarns , braided or woven together to obtain the ideal soft contact required by the glass skin. 

No more micro-checks!

     Available by the metre and easy to adapt to article shapers with a quick welding solution. 



    UKREST added value

 - No checks or scratches
 - No sticking
 - No slipping
 - Excellent chemical resistance
 - No surface vitrification
 - Optimal thermal shock resistance
 - No domino effect in the lehr transfer
 - Proven wear resistance
 - Wide range of fastening options
 - Versatile uses

High temperature solutions & products

High Temperature Millboards and Gaskets

     A wide range of non-asbestos millboards and gaskets, with specific features (ceramic-free, waterproof, graphite, etc.), dedicated to precise application temperatures and with specific mechanical properties.

Textite and Tailor made products

     Different types of high temperature fibres and yarns made with glass, aramid, HT-Glass, ceramic, etc., especially for made-to-measure textile products, according to your specific requirements.

Glass contact products

     Innovative and soft glass contact solutions for each step of the production process: braids, tapes or tubings for handling tools, stacker bars, pusher arms, fingers, sabres and stabilizing devices as well as spiral-wound lining.
A complete range with technical features, available in several formats.

Techeat Solutions

     All new applications with revolutionary materials and new challenges for our R&D department: developing a formula perfectly adapted to your needs and creating the innovations of tomorrow.

Main references:

Temperature of Use


Braid TSA 21


Ø 5 mm

Braid LPA3


Ø 5 to 7 mm

Tape LPA3

20 to 100 * 2 mm

Tubing LPA3

3 to 20 mm int.

Square braid LPA3

5 to 12 mm

Tape Nefaglass S



30 to 50 * 4 mm

Tape Nefaglass SO

Tubing 316 SO

3 to 12 mm int.

Square braid 316 SO

4 to 12 mm

Vacum pads

40 to 500 mm and more




Nefaglass S

316SO braid


On an IS 16 section machine


On an IS 12 section machine


2 sets


2 sets


300 articles per minute


250 articles per minute


Articles weighing 280g


Articles weighing 450g


Surface temperature of 720°C


Surface temperature of 720°C