Air Cleaning and Dust Extaction Plants

For more than 30 years Omar has been developing successful industrial Suction Plants guaranteeing global quality in the services and solutions offered.


Thanks to our strong experience, we know very well how to produce dry and wet abatement systems, for the abatement of dusts, smells, fumes and oily fogs caused by the process of transformation of materials.


We are leaders in the production of sleeves filters, cartridge filters, electrostatic filter, cyclone filter, Scrubber with single, double or third stage, Hydro Cyclone, Active carbons filter, demister for oily fogs and Heat Exchanger.


We produce our equipment with first quality materials: stainless steel, Inox Steel , Corten A, Hardox, iron, galvanized sheet, plastic materials, to achieve productivity of  1.000.000 m3/h.


O.M.A.R. Company supplies the following kinds of equipment:


Dry abatement system:

  - sleeve filters

  - cartridge filters

  - pocket filters

  - demister filters

  - active carbons filters

  - filters with electro-mechanic vibration

  -  electrostatic filters


Wet abatement system:

  - scrubber filters

  - filters with floating bed

  - scrubber filters with more stages

  - scrubber filters with filling corps

  - hydro filters



Bio abatement system:

  - bio filter



  - Metallurgical and foundry plants

  - Mechanical productions

  - Glazing

  - Household chemistry and pharmacy

  - Mine rock and marble

  - Textile

  - Glassceramics

  - Woodworking