ABP is a leading global supplier of induction heating and melting equipment. Reflecting the proud heritage of our predecessor companies, ASEA, Brown Boveri, Westinghouse and Pillar, our personnel and innovative traditions remain central to our strategy and future. Our high-quality standards match our reputation, as does our expertise in process engineering and modernization — all resulting in stable, long-term solutions that can last for decades.

АВР Induction Company starting from 2003 renewed production of induction heating units for billets heating before forging or drawing on the basis of new meeting new requirements approach for their projecting.


Power of induction heating units: from 200 to 8 000 kW

Frequency of heating units: from 150 to 10 000 Hz


Types of heating units:

- Billets heating systems;

- Pipes heating systems;

- Wire heating systems;

- Steel sheets continuous heating systems for galvanic lines.


Tube &  Pipe:

- Heat Quench & Temper

- Upsetting

- Seam Annealing

- Normalizing

- Coating & Galvanizing

- Stress Relieving


Forging &  Forming:

- Billet Heating

- Bar End Heating


Heat Treatment:

- Horizontal & Vertical Scanners

- Single Shot

- Lift & Rotate

- Automated Pick & Place

- Tooth-by-Tooth Gear Hardening


Specialty Heating:

- Wire Heating

- Brazing & Soldering

- Shrink-Fitting

- Crystal Growing