IFM Melting Systems

Medium frequency coreless induction furnaces type IFM is utilized for melting and holding ferrous and non-ferrous metals and has melting capacity of 8 to 65 tons. Its connection capacity is related at 1 to 42 MW.

The IFM induction furnaces system includes the following components: 

  • Coreless induction furnace
  • Medium frequency power supply
  • Peripheral equipment such as water cooling unit, hydraulic unit and transformer
  • Furnace control unit

The IFM furnace system concept - certainly with many advantages for you:

Highly reliability and availability


-          Proven construction elements such as the open design of the furnace, the exchangeable furnace head and the optimized power supply principle ensure high reliability and maximum plant availability. 


High melting rate up to 65 t/h.


High operational safety

Safe melting operations thanks to continuous, automatic furnace monitoring.


Low noise emission

The steel structures by their construction and arrangement produce reduced vibration and therefore minimized noise emission. The font furnace covering plate and the suction hood equally provide good dampening.


Easy to operate

The pouring spout is located in the furnace tilting axis. This prevents any swing-out of the pouring jet when pouring molten metal.


Easy to install, operate and maintain

The progressive furnace design was conceived for easy and quick installation. System operation, monitoring and control are user-friendly and simple. 

Fexible power sharing with the help of TWIN-POWER® systems


The TWIN-POWER® principle makes it possible to distribute power from one source to two induction furnaces. Switch time losses and overheating in the melt now belong to the past. In addition, foundrymen have the following advantages: 

  • During the melting process in one furnace the melt in the other can be kept on holiday duty
  • The converter power can be freely distributed to both furnaces.
  • It is possible to supply refractory material to one furnace while sintering takes place at the same time in the other furnace. 

The TWIN-POWER® principle corresponds to the latest rectifier technology. All settings can be programmed by means of parameters, the storage of all operating data makes it easy – if necessary - to conduct fault diagnostics. The system is so sophisticated that the rectifier remains unscathed even when the furnace bursts or starts leaking.  

Measurenment and control – everything in your own hands


State-of-the-art engineering ensures reliable technical control over the operation of the furnace system. This way, melting operations are rendered safe and controllable at all times:


  • Recording of the furnace contents and calculation of the power supply
  • Control of the energy supply
  • Recording of cooling water and housing temperatures
  • Control of energy supply for melting or holding operations, automatic cold starts
  • Monitoring of the fire-resistant housing
  • Recording, storage and visualization of current operating data and states
  • Threshold monitoring and alarm initialization
  • Tele service for diagnostics, maintenance and sales support for ABP systems worldwide; including sequential programming and online operation of the melting process. 

At your Disposal – ABP’s World-wide Service


Throughout the world ABP’s experts for diagnostics, maintenance and sales support for its systems are available 24 hours a day. And they will also make modifications to your program sequence, if needed.  


Likewise, spares can be made available at short notice from one of our numerous support centers located around the world.


This is due to ABP’s standardization technique, which makes stockpiling, and exchange of spares an easy affair.  A very important precondition for qualified and fast service. With our customized consultancy services, we optimize your processes and enhance your profitability, thereby ensuring that you make the best-possible capital investments and add more value to your plants and processes.  Because competent and expert services are the basis of our successful cooperation.