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files/files/images/Simpson/1.jpgGuaranty of high grade casting production

     In today’s highly competitive market, quality and price are imperative for the success of a product. No matter how complex the manufacturing process – what really counts is whether the products is good or scrap, an d how it compares with competitive products in  terms of price and quality.


Quality Aspects

     The more sequences a production process involves, the higher the number of factors on which the quality of the finished product depends. The properties and the homogeneity the molding sand greatly influence the quality of the molds, the cores, and, of course, the finished casting. Hence, inspection and control of the molding sand properties within set tolerance limits are indispensable.


- In many cases, constant supervision of all production steps and statistical documentation of results – as part of the quality assurance system – are compulsory.


- Continual in-process sand control will not only help to minimize fluctuations molding sand consistency, but will also help to optimized and recipes and to make them infinitely reproducible.


Therefore, molding sand testing is not merely on option, but an absolute necessity.


Economic Aspects

     In addition to quality requirements, there is a demanding need for cost – efficient production and more economical use of resources and materials. Molding sand testing has become a must, because it facilitates the selection of more suitable, therefore, more economical molding sand components.


     Molding sand testing will, among other things, enable foundries to determine the exact amount of binder and other additives needed to produce the mold best suited to meet the quality standards specified for the casting.


     Molding sand testing can be instrumental in developing sand mixtures that are better adapted to a particular foundry operation and will help prevent send-related rejects.


     Moreover, the proper choice of a suitable sand mixture that will help foundries achieve the required mold configuration, maximum dimensional accuracy and high-quality surface finish, will in turn, lead to  a reduction in shot blasting and finishing costs.




     Our complete program features about 50 instruments, all conforming to applicable CE-regulation. The equipment list on the following pages is classified to these criteria:


    - Incoming Control

    - Control of  Production Bentonite Bonded  Sand

    - Resin/Waterglass Bonded Molding Sands

    - Production of Laboratory Mixtures 

    - Miscellaneous