Mixers for No-Bake Process

OMEGA Company supplies wide range of mixers of continuous operation used with all no-bake processes.



Main advantages of Spartan series mixers are:


     - Productivity  - 3-100 t/h;

     - Solid construction;

     - Efficient mixing;

     - Perfect access to mixing chamber;

     - Blades with tungsten carbide covering;

     - Changed speed of mixing from 800 to 1400 r/min



Pivotal mixers

files/files/images/OMEGA/Pivotal mixer.jpg


Jib articulated mixers with screw type primary arm

files/files/images/OMEGA/2 arm pivot mixer.JPG

Jib articulated mixers with belt type primary arm

files/files/images/OMEGA/2 arm belt mixer.jpg

3 arm mixers

files/files/images/OMEGA/3 arm mixer.jpg

Mobile mixer

files/files/images/OMEGA/Mobile mixer.jpg