Non Destructive Testing (NDT)

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) is an important part of industrial quality management. Many Digital Radiography (DR) standards like the EN-17636 or NADCAP demand a high accuracy and reliable archiving of test-results. VisiConsult has yearslong experience with many different applications and industries. As requirements vary between industries and even companies all systems can be easily customized and adapted.


The products of this sphere are:

  - XRH111 ECO;

  - XRH111;

  - XRH222;

  - XRH222 TL;

  - XRHRobotStar;

  - XRHGantry;

  - XRHGantry CR;

  - XRHPipe;

  - XRHCount;

  - XRH433;

  - XRH222 Pipe;

  - XRHPalette;

  - XRHMultitube;

  - XRHTube;

  - XplusMobile.