Exhibition Center "Kozak-Palace" is open for new business partners

     February 2, 2016 the company «EasyWay» became the exclusive representative of Zaporizhzhya Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Turkey.  The direction of joint activities - provision of services in the field of exhibitions.  Appropriate bilateral agreement was signed by President Vladimir ZCCI Shamilov and director of «EasyWay» Halil Zeybek.


     The business meeting was also attended by Mesut Erk - the representative of the International Union of businessmen of Ukraine and Turkey in the south-east of Ukraine, Director of "UKREST" - a constant participant of specialized exhibitions in the EC "Kozak-Palace".  The company is a representative of foreign manufacturers in the field of metallurgy, foundry and mechanical engineering.  As noted by Mr. Erk, Turkish companies are interested in expanding business contacts and participation in the authoritative exhibition projects in Kiev.  UKREST Company will be responsible for international direction at the exhibition “Machine-building. Metallurgy – 2016” that will take place on 24-26, May 2016. 


     Special exhibitions of Zaporozhye Chamber of Commerce "Mechanical Engineering.  Metallurgy "," casting "," composites and fiberglass, "" Energy, "" AHROTEKHSERVIS "and" Zaporozhye Investment Forum "has long received international status.  In 2009, it opened the Exhibition Center "Kozak-Palace" - the largest exhibition center of the south-eastern region of Ukraine.  The technical capabilities of the complex meet the highest standards of international companies - the traditional participants of the exhibition of motion.


     In general, ZCCI cooperates with foreign business associations within the 58 bilateral agreements.


     Not so long ago - in November 2015 - the agreement between the Zaporozhye Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce.  The document opens up new possibilities for the Zaporizhzhya business, first of all - in the conclusion of business contacts and expand markets of domestic products sales.




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