Our partners

Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd, Англия



   Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd Company is one of the world leaders in the sphere of molding equipment production for No-bake technology.

The company exists starting from 1957 as a part of "Baker Perkins" company and from 1984 it was reorganized into independent company. The head office is situated in the city Peterborough, England. Development, production and testing of the equipment take place in Great Britain. Due to high service level OMEGA equipment is operated in more than 40 countries of the world. In 2007 the company was awarded by the Queen II for success in international trade sphere. 

ASK Chemicals, Германия



     ASK Chemicals Limited Liability Company with the head office in Hilden Dusseldorf is a leading producer of high-class specialized chemical products for foundry production and specialized resins.

 The grounds of ASK Chemicals success is ability to offer its clients decisions for difficult problems. ASK Chemicals achieves it due to supply to the market of unusually wide range of high-quality products: resins, binders, additives, exothermic sleeves, filters and release agents, and due to quick reaction to customers’ needs and deep knowledge of their production processes.

 Being a company with advanced technology ASK Chemicals is constantly working on improvement of its production, to make its usage maximum profitable for users. Herewith ASK Chemicals pays special attention to guarantee flexibility, quality, quickness and innovations.   


Sibelco Nordic, Финляндия


     Sibelco Nordic - 

Sibelco Nordic is  Finnish supplier of high-quality mineral raw materials. The Company was founded in 1997 and is an affiliated company of "Sibelco Scandinavia AB", which is a part of Belgian group of companies "S.C.R.-Sibelco-Group".

The company produces and supplies wide range of materials for foundry production: foundry sands, clad mixtures, quartz refractory mixtures FINMIX for induction furnaces; bentonite, synthetic resins and parting sands for foundry molds, etc. Sand for sand mixes is imported from Belgium and is processed at the plant in Kimito. Bentonite is purchased in Greece and USA and then is processed (milled) at the plant in Virkkala.

 For insuring the best production quality, each stage of production process is thoroughly controlled. Production is supplied strictly under specification, agreed with a customer. Quality control system is licensed  in accordance with ISO 9002.


DISA Industries A/S, Дания



     DISA Company is a world leader in the sphere of development and production of foundry shops equipment. Disa produces flaskless vertical production machines (DISAMATIC), flaskless horizontal production machines (DISA MATCH), flask molding machines (DISA FLEX). The company develops and supplies complex foundry shops, including units for foundry sand production, transport systems and systems of molds cooling, units for finish machining of surfaces, computer-integrated modules and core-making machines.

 Disa realized more than 500 projects on foundry production organization. Success of these projects, with different production processes, is based on fundamental understanding of foundry production from the stage of foundry sand production to the stage of  production surface finish machining. Disa offers individual decision for every customer.    


Wheelabrator, Германия



 Wheelabrator Company is a world leader in the sphere of surface preparation, suggesting a full range of technical decisions on shot-blasting machining  and vibratory finishing.

Wheelabrator Company suggests all three technologies of surface preparation (putting abrasive material in contact with metallic surface):

  1. Centrifugal feed of abrasive material (rotoblast)
  2. Pneumatic feed of abrasive material (shot blasting)
  3. Dipping into abrasive materials (vibratory finishing)

Wheelabrator Company being a leading company, preparing surface, in the world offers  full range of equipment, services and parts. Leading companies in the sphere of foundry production, car building, energetic, shipbuilding, railway industry, building and many other spheres use production and services of Wheelabrator Group for increase of labor productivity and profitability within more than 100 years. 


Gibson Centri Tech Limited, Англия



     Gibson Centri Tech Limited Company is recognized to be one of the world leading representatives of centrifugal casting technology. Despite 30-years’ experience, the company stayed on the foreground in design development and centrifugal casting system production. Gibson Company service can include choice of process and usage, preparation of new drawings of shops and production areas, projecting managing, equipment installation, technical preparation and “know-how” transfer.

 Molds sizes, produced by Gibson Company has sizes from 2 cm to several meters in diameter. Produced molds weight can vary from several grams to tons. Most alloys can be casted with centrifugal processes usage, for example Gibson Centri Tech provides equipment for casting of steel rollers of be-metallic alloys; also of wide range of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Centrifugal casting processes are usually ideal for production of cylindrical casts, but can be also used for production of other molds.

 Starting from careful evaluation of customer’s demands Gibson Centri Tech Limited will choose most effective equipment and centrifugal casting process. Before supply, each machine is installed and tested in the shop considering the strictest standards.


PS Auto Grinding, Великобритания



     P.S. Auto Grinding Ltd is a private company with limited partnership which was registered in January 2001 for the purpose of delivery of the automatic grinding machines Koyama to the foundries of Great Britain and other countries.

      The Company “Koyama” is a manufacturer of automatic grinding machines. It is a Japanese family company, that sells equipment in the field of foundry industry for more than 100 years. In 1973 the company designed and developed the Automatic Grinding Machine Koyama with diamond cutting wheels which complies with the requirements of grinding/chipping of castings. This product had a great success and due to this reason the company “Koyama” started commercial production of this equipment and at the present time Automatic Grinding Machines “Koyama” are widely used around the world on many foundries including the leading automobile companies. 


Clansman Dynamics, Великобритания



     Clansman Dynamics Company was founded in Scotland in 1994 and united key specialists, who came from the competitor companies. These specialists are still the foundation of Clansman with combined experience of 100 years in the field of the material flow in the most complicated production conditions.

     Engineers from other areas including engineering, electrical equipment, software development have enforced already strong team with technical input, which characterizes the production of Clansman by means of its durability.

     Clansman Dynamics Company develops and manufactures the following equipment:

- Big hydraulic robots

- Hydraulic manipulators with the lifting weight from 100 kg up to 10 tones.

- Big electrical robots (with direct current and alternating current drive) with the lifting weight up to 2000 kg.


TCT Tesic, Германия



     TCT Tesic GmbH Company was founded in 1993 by Zoran Tesic for the maintenance of the worldwide foundry industry. The main purpose of the company was to become a leader in selling and buying of the used equipment. ТСТ has conventional blameless reputation in the international foundry society thanks to the internal competence, reliability and service which is oriented to the customer.

     ТСТ represents full nomenclature of service relevant to used foundry equipment starting from choosing an appropriate equipment and to the moment of start-up on customers’ factory. 


Ideal Model, Турция



     Ideal Model Company was founded in 1981. During the first years the main function and purpose was modeling for foundries.

     In the course of the successful operation and client demand Ideal Model oriented to foundry equipment, machines, moulding lines, consulting, projects, production, installation, training and technical support.

In order to better conform to customers needs and to find alternative solutions starting from 1998  Ideal Model  Company has established the cooperation with the world leading companies in this sector. The company production finds a market in Turkey, USA, Asia, Eastern Europe and on the Middle East.

     Nowadays Ideal Model company with great experience and knowledge besides foundry systems is involved in designing of foundry shops and plants, providing purposefulness, installation, production, arrangement, consulting. Also the company has a possibility of modernization of existing plants.