Sand reclamation

     There are several systems of sand reclamation. Factors that must be considered: deck load, required production (t/h), place available.



     Low level reclamation system "Gammavator" and "LL"(Low Level)

- mold size up to 2х2 m

- mold weight 3 t

- production 1-2 t/h – shake-out deck with conveyor, transporting sand to reclamation system ("Gammavator")

- production 6-12 t/h – separate shake-out deck ("Gamma") and conveyor ("Vator").


 files/files/images/OMEGA/HighLevel.png  High level reclamation system "Camma'HL'"(High Level)

- floor shake-out

- mold size - any

- mold weight – any

- production 6-20 t/h


files/files/images/OMEGA/GammaHL.png     Shake-out deck integrated with sand reclamation system, "Gamma 'HL'"

- crane lifts flask and loads it to shake-out table "GammaMajor" (pit is required)

- molds size up to 4х6 m

- molds weight 80 t

- productivity 6-20 t/h




     Reclamation system "Gamma Major"

- crane lifts flask and loads on to shake-out deck "GammaMajor" (pit is required)

- molds sizes up to 3,2х2,7 m

- molds sizes 10 t

- productivity 10-20 t/h