SOLITEC Water-based coatings for brushing, spraying or flow coating application

SOLITEC coatings are highly recommended for flow coating big and/or complex geometries. SOLITEC coatings impress with the shortest drying times in their application area. The coating is offered in several innovative color-changing formulations that represent a visual wet/dry-indicator. This unique characteristic ensures the integrity of the coating within the production process. Additionally, high performance formulations (e.g. zircon-free, sulphur stop, burn-in barrier) vastly improve the surface finish, which leads to reduced cleaning costs.



- Short air-drying time and enhanced refractoriness

- Excellent application properties

- Fewer casting defects and excellent casting surfaces



SOLITEC HY Hybrid coating technology

- Fast drying when diluted with water

- Flammable after dilution with isopropanol or ethanol

- Provides sulphur stop for DI

- Up to 50% cost savings compared to conventional coatings


Special applications

SOLITEC CC – Centrifugal die coatings

• Excellent insulating properties

• Reduced wear-off of the die

• Good pulling/ extraction properties


SOLITEC MS – Coatings for permanent molds and tools

• Prevents slag adhesions to meltcarrying equipment

• Excellent brushing properties

• Excellent suspension properties


SOLITEC AD – Gravity die coatings

• Long life of die

• Excellent separating properties of the layer

• Smooth surface

• Universal coating


MIRATEC Innovative coatings for serial casting production

MIRATEC water-based coatings are the highest performing in their class. When applied using the dipping method, MIRATEC is ideal for automotive applications, as it has the shortest cycle times. MIRATEC coatings provide an even coating layer especially with complex core packages or challenging core geometries. Thanks to its engineered formulation and tailored characteristics (e.g. gas permeability), the innovative coating technology reduces casting defects and provides an excellent surface finish.



- Enhanced refractoriness

-  Short drying times

-  Short manipulation time

-  Fewer casting defects and excellent casting surfaces


Product name Application Method of application Characterictics
Kerntop WV 200 A For cores and moulds produced by no-bake, cold-box and CO2 processes, for steel, grey iron and nodular iron brushing, spraying, flooding, dipping Water-based coating on aluminium oxide basis
Solitec ST 901 For cores and moulds produced by no-bake processes for steel, grey and ductile iron and heavy metal casting brushing Water-based coating on zirconium silicate basis
Solitec DI 901 For cores and moulds produced by no-bake processes for all metals (except for manganese steel) brushing, spraying High solids alumina-based coating. Suitable for adding ASK MOISTURE INDICATOR