Table machines

Table Machines


The table machine's essential component is the turntable for handling the workpiece. This kind of machine is best suited to processing symmetrical parts. However, the turntable can be positioned at certain angles to allow the processing of asymmetric parts alongside multiple positioned blast wheels.

Wheelabrator has developed a variety of table machines to meet the requirements of our customers with regards to their material flow. In addition to the traditionally fixed turntables there are machine types with one or two mobile turntables. These machines reduce process times as new parts can be loaded while others are processed.

Wheelabrator has extensive knowledge in this field and has delivered machines in a great variety of sizes to treat components weighing up to 120 tons.


Rotary Table Machine


• Compact design, simple operating principle

• Targeted high performance shot blasting for specific applications



• Descaling of forged or heat treated parts

• Desanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metal castings

• Deburring of metallic and non-metallic parts

• Deflashing of die cast parts

• Contaminant removal


Rotary table shot blast machines from Wheelabrator offer total flexibility in your shot blast operations. Whether you are cleaning welded structures and fabrications, cleaning and deflashing castings, or shot peening dynamically stressed components, the Rotary table shot blast machine, can help reduce the production time required.