Pass through machines

Pass Through Machines


The main component of the Pass Through Machine is the transport system which moves the workpiece through the blast chamber. Therefore, these machines are often used for in-line production.

Transport means which can be used comprise:

- roller conveyors
- rubber transport belts
- rubber belts / toothed belts
- rubber chains
- transport cars

The specially designed workpiece holders are fixed onto the transport devices. Holders can be produced for most types of workpieces.
The easy exchange of the workpiece holders, for example, pallets, allows for a very quick machine set-up for other products.

Extensions to the machines are simple, allowing one machine to be utilized for several processes.
Between the processing steps the workpieces can be turned. This configuration allows a complete workpiece processing in one machine. For example, complete blasting of brake disks, clutch disks, glass panes, wafers, cutting tips, etc.

The loading/unloading of the transport devices can be performed manually or automatically.
The machines can be equipped with the suction fed, pressure fed or wet blasting process.