Used equipment from Europe

We offer you all types of used foundries:


Moulding lines: automatic, semiautomatic, with casting, without casting


Induction melting furnaces: medium frequency, mains frequency, crucible type, channel type.


Plants with new sand and regenerated sand preparation: plants in a complete configuration, mixers, moisture control unit, sand coolers.


Core (shooting) equipment: core shooting machines for cold-box and hot-box processes, gas generators, sand preparation for core production.


Burn sand regeneration units: gas cleaner for amine gases.


Shot blast machines: suspended type, passing through and tilting type.


Laboratory equipment and monitoring instruments: for metal and alloys analysis, for sand analysis, spectrometers and etc.

We perform full service: demounting, packing loading; shipping, unloading; electrical control, startup, training; after-sale service, spare parts.


You may specify the equipment parameters and its availability on the company web-site: